We deliver integrated solutions to complex business problems.

Project Management

Nocopycats Consulting provides end-to-end Project Management services, leveraging industry best practices for strategic planning, execution, and monitoring. Within Project Management, the firm offers a spectrum of IT services, ensuring that technology is seamlessly integrated into project workflows for optimal efficiency.

Process Safety Management (PSM)

Nocopycats Consulting is a recognized leader in Process Safety Management, addressing safety and environmental concerns with precision. Beyond traditional PSM, the firm extends its expertise to encompass safety and environmental management services, ensuring comprehensive risk mitigation.

Change Management Frontiers

Nocopycats Consulting excels in Change Management, guiding organizations through seamless transitions for sustainable success. The Change Management portfolio includes Learning Management System (LMS), eLearning solutions, and other top-tier consulting services to drive effective organizational change.

Over 20+ Years of Experiences

Nocopycats Consulting, under the leadership of Executive Business Leader Stephen Ojji, MBA, PMP, is a leading consulting firm with over 20 years of international experience. Specializing in Project Management, Process Safety Management (PSM), and Change Management, our commitment is to leverage emerging technologies, build effective teams, and foster collaboration to optimize operations and drive substantial organizational growth.

Why Choose Us

Nocopycats Consulting presents a compelling and strategic combination of services that align with contemporary business challenges and the evolving needs of organizations.

The combination of these three different services—Project Management, Process Safety Management (PSM), and Change Management is highly beneficial for clients as it addresses various aspects of organizational needs and challenges.

Here are some reasons why offering these services together can make strategic sense:

Comprehensive Solutions

Providing a combination of Project Management, Process Safety Management, and Change Management allows the company to offer comprehensive solutions that cover different dimensions of organizational operations. Clients can benefit from integrated services that address project delivery, safety protocols, and effective change implementation.

Synergy Between Services

There can be synergy between these services, especially in complex projects or organizational transformations. For example, effective change management is often crucial during project implementations, and ensuring safety protocols are integrated into project management practices is essential for risk mitigation.

Holistic Approach to Organizational Development

The three services collectively contribute to a holistic approach to organizational development. Project Management ensures efficient execution of initiatives, Process Safety Management focuses on risk reduction and safety, and Change Management facilitates smooth transitions and adaptation to new processes.

Strategic Alignment with Industry Trends

Offering integrated solutions to navigate complex challenges is in line with current industry trends. Nocopycats Consulting strategically aligns with emerging trends such as digital transformation, energy sector projects, healthcare IT, and environmental sustainability.

Client Convenience

Clients may prefer working with a single consultancy that can address multiple aspects of their needs. It reduces the complexity of managing relationships with multiple service providers and ensures a cohesive approach to projects and organizational changes.

Global Experience and Adaptability

Nocopycats Consulting's global experience positions the company to adapt its services to different industries and regions. The combination of services reflects an understanding of the interconnected nature of modern business challenges. With over 20 years of international experience, particularly in Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States, the company brings a global perspective to its services. This diverse experience enhances its ability to understand and adapt to different business environments.

Service Areas

Digital Transformation Projects

Assist companies in Texas with digital transformation initiatives, integrating advanced technologies to enhance business processes and improve overall efficiency.

Technology and Innovation Projects

Support technology companies in Texas with project management services for innovation and product development projects, including software development, emerging technologies, and IT solutions.

Oil and Gas Safety Services

Specialized PSM services tailored for the oil and gas industry, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, conducting thorough audits, and implementing safety measures to prevent catastrophic incidents.

Energy Infrastructure Safety

Focus on safety management for energy infrastructure projects, including power plants and renewable energy facilities, addressing unique challenges in this sector.

Waste Management Equipment

Supply equipment for the safe handling and disposal of hazardous waste, supporting companies in adhering to environmental regulations.

Digital Transformation Change Management

Support organizations in Texas undergoing digital transformations by providing change management strategies that facilitate smooth transitions and employee adaptation to new technologies.

Leadership Development Change Programs

Implement change management programs focused on leadership development, helping organizations cultivate strong leaders and adapt to changing business environments.

Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)

Offer safety instrumented systems designed to prevent or mitigate hazardous events. These systems are essential in high-risk industries such as oil & gas, chemical, and manufacturing.


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